International Professional Training

Центр иностранных языков

TKT is a test developed by Cambridge ESOL for teachers of English to speakers of other languages. Since the test was launched in 2005 it has proved a popular choice for the certification of English language teachers.

The Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) examines candidates’ knowledge of concepts related to language, language use and their background in language learning and teaching, as well as lesson planning and managing the teaching process.

Course content:
The course is divided into three main topic areas as follows:

Language and background to language learning and teaching :

  • Describing language and language skills including grammar, lexis, phonology, functions, and the four skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading);
  • Background to language learning, motivation, error, the difference between L1/L2 learning, and learner characteristics and needs;
  • Background to language teaching, techniques and activities for presenting new language, practice activities for language/skills development, and types of assessment.

Lesson planning and the use of resources for language teaching :

  • Planning and preparing a lesson, identifying and selecting aims, identifying the components of a lesson plan, planning individual lessons, and planning a sequence of lessons;
  • Selection and use of resources and materials, selection and use of coursebook materials, supplementary materials and teaching aids.

Managing the teaching and learning process :

  • Teachers' and learners' language in the classroom, appropriate use of language;
  • Identifying the functions of learners' language and categorising mistakes;
  • Classroom management, teacher roles, correcting learners, and giving feedback.

As of 2010, centres accredited by Cambridge ESOL set their TKT exam dates independently, confirming them directly with the Cambridge ESOL office.

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