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The Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) tests candidates’ knowledge of concepts related to language, language use and their background in language learning and teaching, as well as lesson planning and managing the teaching process.
You can find more details about the exam content here.

This 30 academic-hour course lasts for about two months (10 weeks). One 3 academic-hour class is held per week.

Who is this for?
This program is for currently working teachers and graduates of teacher training universities.


  • To prepare candidates to pass all three modules
  • To familiari s e teachers with the exam format and different types of exercises
  • To introduce exam terminology
  • To practice and drill all types of tasks and practice lesson planning

During the course candidates discuss different teaching techniques and become acquainted with the Cambridge approach to teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Our engaging and motivating courses are taught byhighly experienced Native Speakers, holders ofCambridge teaching certificates.

Study materials:
Our preparatory courses only use study materials published in the U.K. which are designed specifically for ТКТ exam preparation.