International Professional Training

Центр иностранных языков

Being a native language for more than 150 million people and one of the official UN languages, Russian ranks as the major world language along with Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi and Arabic. Beyond Russia, it is widely spoken or at least understood in many countries of the former USSR as well as in Eastern Europe and in Russian communities all around the world.

We invite everyone eager to master this language to our Russian-learning groups. Highly interactive classes, guided by a professional teacher, a wide practice of newly-learned structures, casual and positive atmosphere - all these will definitely help you to quickly overcome the language barrier and step by step become a confident Russian speaker, not to mention a profound insight into Russian culture and lifestyle. Groups consist of up to 6 participants. Lessons are provided at IPT (International Professional Training) office at Petrovka Street, Moscow.

Would like to begin Russian classes, but unable to attend as scheduled or have not found the group of your level? Please inform us, and we'll find a suitable variant for you.

Individual classes (both face-to-face and Skype) are also available anytime. Please contact us by phone or email for further information.